Smart Weighting Lysimeter for Climate Change and Environmental Studies

Monitoring, recording and investigation of climatology and environmental parameters have important
role in the climate change studies. Any variation in these parameters may cause significant impacts on human life. For an instance crop evapotranspiration has faced changes in some regions in the recent years.
Lysimeters are devices that installing in the fields and measure evapotranspiration by
making a balance and controlling on input and output water. The lysimeters are installed at the same level with natural soil surface and filled by undisturbed
field soil and also including the same crop with the field.
If the measurements and controlling of input and output water are conducted in
weighting method by using load cells, the lysimeter will be a weighting lysimeter.
This type of lysimeter is the most accurate lysimeter among different lysimeter
The accuracy and confidence level of weighting lysimeter is satisfactory to
evaluate other methods, models and innovative approaches accuracy.
Actually, lysimeter is a part of field soil, with the same crop and reflects the
water use that actually occurs in the field; therefore shows the field situation directly
with any calculation.
General configuration of smart weighting lysimeter

1-Hardware and Instruments

including main body containing undisturbed soil and cultivated crop, outer
protective shield, load cells, soil moisture and soil temperature sensors in the
different depths, bottom vacuum pump, drainage water collecting and
measurement system, solar panel, support battery, charger and charge
2. Data Recording and Sending Unit
including dataloggers,modem and memorycard that provide continuous
recording and sending data in arbitrary time intervals through internet or
local Wifi network.
3. Software
a user friendly software has been developed to effective application of data.
This software helps to record and processing data, prepares the
recommendation about water use, water productivity, air and soil
temperature, drainage water quality, soil moisture and temperature regime
and other useful parameters. The software is web based and can be reached and
operated all over the world.
The software is multi-operator and the level of data reach and available tools
can be defined by administrator for different operators. Individual and

combined graphs can be presented for various analyses.

Several reporting tools and data bank development for long term monitoring and
investigations have been prepared in this software.